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The Relationship Connection
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Couples Therapy - Infidelity

  • Are you devastated by your partner's infidelity?
  • Are you trying to decide whether to stay in the relationship and work on it, or to leave it?
  • Are you completely confused and puzzled about why your partner chose to have an affair?
  • Are you having an affair right now? Has your infidelity been uncovered?
  • Are you wondering whether you should get back with your partner and try to re-do your relationship, or leave this relationship and stay with your new found love?
  • Are you in a relationship that you experience as cold, distant, disappointing, empty, uncommunicative, finding yourself being attracted to someone else, wondering if you should proceed and have an affair?
Infidelity is the #1 reason for seeking relationship/marriage counseling.
Infidelity is an indicator that there is something missing, unsatisfying, frustrating about the relationship, for at least one of the partners.
Infidelity is a call for help, a way to exit the relationship to relieve the stress without actually leaving it.
Infidelity (as hard as it is to believe at this point) also offers an opportunity to look at your current relationship: its challenges, dynamics, deficits and strengths, as well as an opportunity to build a new relationship.

The good news is that there is life after an infidelity.

The "bad" news is that there is simply too much disappointment, betrayal, hurt and anger (rage?) to be able to deal with it on one's own.

Realistically, you will need outside, professional help to heal the wounds and repair the rupture that took place in your relationship. To avoid a repeat of the infidelity you will also have to examine what led to it, what are the underlying forces in your relationship that provided the impetus for such a huge and catastrophic exit.

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