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Individual therapy - Abortion

Are you considering terminating your pregnancy, but are unsure of the ramifications?
Are you feeling sad, guilty, ashamed and angry since you have had an abortion?
Are you afraid that you will be sad and regretful forever about this decision?

Contrary to what some people believe, most women do not make the decision to have an abortion thoughtlessly or lightly. In fact, this decision, when not addressed compassionately and clearly, can haunt a woman's life for a very long time. Termination of pregnancy involves a complex decision that includes medical, ethical, moral, legal, psychological, cultural, religious and personal elements. When left unexamined it can leave life-long doubts and regrets.
Are you unsure of the ramifications
Learn to accept and forgive yourself

In individual therapy you will learn:

1. What are the feelings behind (and below) your feelings about abortion
2. How to separate the "appropriate" from the "inappropriate" feelings
3. How to deal with these feelings in a healthy and helpful way
4. How to deal with your doubts or fears regarding future consequences of this
5. How to accept and/or forgive yourself for having had an abortion

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