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Individual therapy - Adolescents

Is your adolescent having difficulty making and/or keeping friends?
Has your adolescent's school performance deteriorated lately?
Is your adolescent moody, irritable, uncooperative and/or defiant?
Does your adolescent seem to be unresponsive to your style of parenting?

Adolescence is a most difficult time for both parents and children. It's a time of transition for children who are beginning to find their identity, starting to relate to the opposite sex and preparing to leave the safety of their home. It is also a time of transition for the parents who have to shift from taking on the role of the all-powerful and all-knowing person in their lives, to slowly and strategically allow their children more freedom in a scary and often unsafe and tempting world.

As part of individual therapy with adolescents, parents and at times, the whole family will be invited to come in for joint sessions. Adolescents' confidentiality will be strictly observed. Exceptions will be explained to all parties involved.
Is your adolescent having difficulty making friends?
Communicate more effectively and reasonably

In individual therapy your child will be able to:

1. Express his/her feelings, thoughts and experiences in complete safety from
2. Learn and practice The Decision Making Process for reaching more effective decisions
3. Communicate more effectively and reasonably
4. Learn how to create a balance between their needs and the needs of others in
    their lives
5. Become productive and cooperative members of their family, school and social circle.

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