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The Relationship Connection
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Couple Therapy / Parent Training

Imago Parent Effectiveness Training
B. Imago Parent Effectiveness Training:
Parenting after a divorce/relationship breakup
Parenting in Blended Families

Parenting is, perhaps, the most difficult, labor intensive and important job in the world. And that's under "normal" circumstances. When a family is torn apart by divorce/ breakup, or a blended family is newly created by a re-marriage, the opportunity for frustrations and dilemmas increases. A myriad of questions rises about differing parenting styles. Old and unresolved resentments get stirred up. Often, it becomes hard to discern whose needs - the kids' or the adults' - are being ignored or attended to.

In Imago Parenting Effectiveness Training you will learn:

1. Whose problem it is, who should deal with it and how
2. How to communicate with an ex-spouse without hurting the children
3. How to blend members of different families effectively
4. How to create a Family Round Table to be a forum for problem solving
5. How to stay connected to your children throughout the divorce and afterwards

Whose problem it is, who should deal with it and how

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