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The Relationship Connection
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Couple Therapy / Decision Making

C. Imago Decision Making Training (for couples considering divorce/ relationship breakup)

Leaving any relationship is difficult.
Leaving any relationship is difficult. There is rarely a good or amicable divorce/separation. One party always leaves first and there are always bruised feelings, broken dreams and painful losses. Most often, the decision to leave a relationship is made even more difficult because of the stakes involved: children, commonly held assets, geographical dislocation, effects on careers, familial values and perspectives about divorce, communal and cultural acceptance, etc.

In Imago Decision Making Training you will be able to:

1. Clarify to yourself and your partner your perception of the situation
2. Hear your partner's position, clearly and deeply
3. Consider all the options available, and their short and long
    term consequences
4. Make a well informed and carefully thought out decision about the
5. Say "good bye" to the relationship in a profoundly moving way

Make a well informed and carefully thought out decision

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