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The Relationship Connection
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Couple Therapy / Singles Training

D. Imago Relationship Singles Training
(for those who are preparing to be in a relationship)

What traits you possess, that you haven't used
"We are born in connection, are hurt in disconnection and healed in re-connection." As human beings we are hard wired to connect and throughout our lives we look for relationships over and over, even after being hurt by them time and again. In order to find the right partner we, ourselves, need to become "a right partner." To love another, we must, first, love ourselves. To love oneself one has to know him/herself.

In Imago Relationship Singles Training you will learn:
1. How your patterns of behavior in past relationships can be helpful in the
2. What expectations, wishes and dreams you have, when you first get into a
3. What you bring to a relationship that creates frustrations for your partner and
    problems for yourself and the relationship
4. What traits you possess, that you haven't used, to create a satisfying, future
5. How to create a plan that will change your approach to and behavior in
How to create a plan that will change your approach

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