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The Relationship Connection
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Individual therapy - Depression

Do you experience diminished interest in pleasure in all or most activities?
Are you experiencing fatigue, lethargy and lack of motivation?
Do you cry often and for prolonged periods "for no apparent reason"?
Is it difficult for you to make decisions?
Do you think about leaving your life behind, or even killing yourself, to end your suffering?

Everyone gets sad, blue or depressed every once in a while for many reasons: the death of a loved one, the loss of a job, the breakup of a relationship, etc. That's expected and natural. That's a direct reaction to loss, betrayal, disappointment, hurt, helplessness, separation, etc.

When depression turns to a deep, non-stopping, chronic, gripping, paralyzing force that causes the loss of vitality and changes life as one knows it. When it doesn't allow normal functioning in other parts of one's life, then it needs to be attended to professionally.

Do you cry often and for prolonged periods for no apparent reason?
How to adapt new, more effective patterns of behavior to reduce or eliminate depression

In individual therapy you will learn:

1. About the nature and function of depression
2. The connection between your depression and early childhood
3. To identify behavioral patterns which contribute to, or reduce symptoms
    of depression
4. How to adapt new, more effective patterns of behavior to reduce or
    eliminate depression
5. Why you might need to take medications in addition to therapy

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