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Individual therapyIndividual therapy - Bereavement / Grief

Have you lost a loved one recently?
Do you find yourself depressed and unable to carry out daily activities?
Do you obsess and ruminate over the departed?
Have you experienced a loss for which you had an abbreviated or no opportunity to grieve?

Grief is a natural and necessary process that anyone who lost a loved one goes through. How grief is handled determines how well someone will do in the long run. In our society, where we too often hear "It's time for you to move on," or "It's time you started to live again," grief is not given its due and people often feel ashamed that they are not "over" their grief at the same speed as others would like them to be.
Do you find yourself depressed and unable to carry out daily activities?
The Four Tasks of grieving

In individual therapy you will learn:

1. What you learned from your family about how to deal with death and dying
2. The Four Tasks of grieving
3. Specific skills and actions that will help you to go through the grief process
4. How to transition into life without the departed
5. How to deal with the feelings triggered in you by the death of your loved one

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