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Individual therapy - Parenting skills

Does your toddler seem to run your life and you wonder what happened to your authority?
Does your school age child confound you with his/her academic and social problems?
Does your adolescent make you doubt your sanity?
Do you and your spouse fight over your different parenting styles?

Parenting is the most difficult task you will ever have to do and to do it well takes a combination of psychological knowledge, practice, guidance, intuition and an awareness of one's limitations caused by unresolved early childhood issues. Yet, we don't go to school to learn how to parent, nor do children come into this world with an Owner's Manual. We learn how to be parents from our parents, as they learned from theirs. Contrary to common belief, parenting skills don't appear spontaneously, as soon as the baby emerges from the mother's womb.

Since each parent brings with him/her different experiences, values and beliefs, it makes sense that many a fight is fought over whose style is "right." How to parent collaboratively is a delicate balance that can be learned with the help of an experienced professional.

Do you and your spouse fight over your different parenting styles?
Learn to identify your individual parenting style

In individual therapy you will learn:

1. To identify your individual parenting style
2. To recognize your repetitive patterns of responses which do not yield
    satisfactory results
3. To work harmoniously and collaboratively with your spouse on parenting
4. To recognize your child's real problems underneath his/her "misbehavior"
5. To connect deeply with your children and how to work on your relationship
    with them

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