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The Relationship Connection
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What is Imago?

Imago is a comprehensive theory that explains why we are having problems in our relationship and it gives couples specific and practical tools for restoring connection and dissolving their issues. It also helps each partner to gain insight into their own, as well as their partner's life- stories, to help them to better understand what each of them brings to the relationship.

Imago is positive, optimistic and hopeful. It reminds us that relationships go through predictable stages and teaches us how to navigate the rapids of the choppy and uncomfortable ones.
Imago Relationship Therapy

Couples argue constantly about who is right and who is wrong, but basically we are just different. In Imago Therapy you will learn how to make space for your partner's reality, how to honor it, and how to make your differences work for you and not against you.

Imago does not assign "bad guy" and "good guy" labels. It allows people to discover that each of them is doing the best they can, considering they didn't attend the University of Relationships and didn't earn a masters degree in "Partnering"!!!

How to rediscover the romantic part of your relationship
In Imago we say:
"Conflict (in relationships) is, simply, growth trying to happen."

Through the Imago process partners learn to adopt more effective, productive and helpful skills, so that they can get what they need from their partner and the relationship.

Using a specific set of communication skills Imago allows for clear, deep, respectful and safe communication.

As Henry Thoreau said:
"It takes two to speak the truth: one to speak and another to hear."

Learning to communicate the Imago way will provide you with the opportunity to feel more connected after you have had a conflict! You will become less fearful of having disagreements because you will know how to handle them respectfully, consciously and compassionately.

Imago Relationship Therapy doesn't just focus on dissolving problems. It also pays attention to romance, growth as individuals, and becoming co-healers of past wounds.

The skills learned in Imago Therapy will be also useful:

* if you are a parent - to better deal with your kids
* if you are single and are looking for a new relationship
* in your workplace, when dealing with coworkers and bosses
* with your friends to effectively deal with relational problems
* to communicate with members of your family of origin; etc.

If you would like to find out more about Imago please click on:
To learn more about the Couple Dialogue please click here (Video)
Why you chose your partner and why your partner chose you

In Imago Therapy you will learn:

  1. Why you chose your partner and why your partner chose you
  2. Why you started out in love, where most things were possible and ended up in a power struggle, where
      so much is fought over
  3. What stops you from getting what you need in the relationship
  4. What makes your communications ineffective
  5. Why safety is crucial in a relationship and how to achieve it
  6. How to become a more attentive, present and attuned listener (receiver)
  7. How to become a better, softer, more focused speaker (sender)
  8. How to ask your partner for a behavior change
  9. How to reduce defensiveness in the relationship
10. How to express anger constructively
11. How to rediscover the romantic part of your relationship
12. How to appreciate each other deeply
13. How to get out of your comfort zone, without losing your sense of self, in order to honor your relationship
14. How to become more empathic
15. How to validate your partner
16. How to turn frustrations in the relationships into gifts for growth
17. How to recapture passion in the relationship
18. How to give unconditional gifts to your partner
19. How to re-image your partner from an enemy to an ally and a friend
20. How to heal your wounds by helping your partner to heal his/hers
21. How to use the Imago skills when you parent your children, deal with your boss (or clients) or members of
      your Family of Origin

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